Caterpillar Kingdom School Kit

From October through February 15th, certificates will be shipped in lieu of live caterpillars.
Certificates can be redeemed any time after February 15th.

Caterpillar Kingdom School Kit

Can be shipped throughout the
continental US except DE.

Painted Lady School Kit

Butterfly Hanging Basket

This wonderful school kit contains everything you need to raise a classroom full of butterflies!  Space saving rearing boxes hang or stack.  Inside each rearing box are 4 individual caterpillar homes so each student can monitor the progress of his or her caterpillar. 

Everything is reusable and stacks for storage. Refill can be ordered so you can repeat the experience!

Look at everything included:

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • 32 painted ladies caterpillars and plenty of food
  • 8 stackable rearing boxes, containing 4 individual caterpillar homes
  • Adjustable hanger for rearing boxes
  • Net Castle where butterflies can emerge from the chrysalis stage
  • Emergence board to insure successful emergence and easy viewing of butterflies

US $82.00  Butterfly Caterpillar Kingdom

Painted Lady Pupae 4 Pack Kit

Butterfly cocoons

Refill for Caterpillar Kingdom

  • Includes everything above except the
    Net Castle

US $60.00  Butterfly Caterpillar Kingdom Refill Kit


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