Butterfly Mini-Nursery Set

From October through February 15th, certificates will be shipped in lieu of live caterpillars. 
Certificates can be redeemed any time after February 15th.


Mini-Nursery Set Bill's Butterfly Mini-Nursery Can be shipped throughout the continental US except DE
Painted Lady Rearing Kit Meta-Sphere Kit
These mini-nurseries are wonderful for birthday parties! Send one home with each guest.
  • Snap-on lid for easy access
  • Clear nursery makes it easier to see activity
  • 2 bases: one for larval stage (easy disposal of old food), another with air holes and netting for chrysalis and emergence stages
  • Economical & disposable
Set of 4 Mini-Nurseries with 4 painted ladies caterpillars and food   
This item is not available from October 1st through February 15th. 

US $25.00  Bill's Butterfly Mini-Nursery Kit


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