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Bug Jar Designed with your critter's comfort in mind, this spacious, shatterproof habitat is just right for little hands.The unique "air-flow" ventilated lid allows your bugs to breathe easy. After you've had quality time with your bug, just unscrew the easy-to-grip leafy lid and let your critters loose (outside, of course!).
Ages 4 and up

Creature Peeper - The creature peeper allows a child to view and study a captured bug from two different views. Above and below. Peep at ladybugs, crickets, worms - anything a young scientist can find! The watertight viewing chamber will even keep tadpoles and small fish safe during inspections. There’s no limit to what you can peep!

Butterfly Flowers - Plant these seeds in your garden or a large flower pot. Nurture them so they will sprout and grow into a fantastic bouquet of fragrant butterfly-favorite flowers. When fully grown, these beauties can attract wild butterflies of every shape, size and color. Includes padded butterfly-shaped net with extendable handles, packet of specially-mixed flower seeds.

Butterfly Nets - This ingenious butterfly net is really two nets in one. Use the traditional oval shape hoop, get crazy with the butterfly-shaped hoop, or use them both at the same time! Their unique twist-together design allows you to extend the handles up to 50".May also be used to capture small aquatic life. Ages 4 & up. 

Port-a-Bug - Pop up your Port-A-Bug, put in some friendly insects, and you're ready for buggy fun! Observe butterflies, ladybugs, and other friendly bugs in the airy mesh habitat, then let them go! Fold the Port-A-Bug back into its tote-sack, clip it to your hip, and you're ready to explore some more!

Butterfly Habitat

Deluxe butterfly habitat - Ideal for maintaining many adult butterflies in the classroom. Allows viewing from all sides. Includeshabitat with zippered entry, watering vial with wick, and instructions.
Size, 35 1/2 x 29 1/2 x 18" (65 gallons)
Shipping & Handling:$4.95


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